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    How is machinery CE marked?

    Before the manufacturer is allowed to place its machinery on the EU market or put it in the service in the EU, the requirements concerning the machinery must be met. The manufacturer demonstrates the compliance with the CE marking. Machinery that bears the CE marking can move freely in the EU.

    To add the CE marking to the machinery, the manufacturer must take care of the following obligations:

    • Assess the risks of the machine and determine the essential health and safety requirements concerning it and then design and build the machine in accordance with the safety requirements.
    • Prepare a technical file for the machinery.
    • Carry out an appropriate conformity assessment procedure for the machinery; the procedure to be applied in the assessment depends on the machinery.
    • Prepare instructions for the machinery and attach the necessary markings to it.
    • Prepare the machinery’s EC declaration of conformity.
    • When the above measures are completed, affix the CE marking to the machinery.

    Image: Bringing the machinery into conformity.

    We will go through the above obligations in more detail in the following section.