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    Other possible legislation concerning machinery

    In addition to the Machinery Decree, the machinery may also be subject to other legislation.

    Legislation most commonly applicable to machinery are listed below.

    • If the device is electrically operated, the requirements for electrical products may apply to it. You can find more information on the EMC, RoHS and LVD directives on Tukes’ website.
    • If the device has functions that work wirelessly (Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi), the device is covered by the Radio Equipment Directive. You can find more information on radio equipment on the Traficom website.
    • Many devices emit radiation that is used in data transmission, beauty care and heating for example. STUK monitors the radiation safety of equipment and lasers.
    • If the equipment is used in premises that have a risk of explosion (bakery, sawmill, paint shop, etc.), the equipment is likely to be subject to ATEX legislation. You can find more information on ATEX on the Tukes website.
    • If the equipment makes a loud noise when used, as many gardening machines do, it may be covered by the Outdoor Noise Directive (2000/14/EC) and the Government Decree on noise emissions level from equipment for outdoor use (621/2002). For example, the regulations contain limit values and labelling requirements for the noise emitted by the device.
    • In the case of a vehicle, it may fall within the scope of vehicle legislation. More information on the requirements: Traficom.
    • If a device is used for the prevention, monitoring or treatment of illness or injury, the device is a medical device. Fimea monitors the conformity of medical devices in Finland.
    • A gas appliance refers to appliances burning gaseous fuels that are used for cooking, cooling, air conditioning, heating, lighting or washing. You can find more information on gas appliances on the Tukes website.
    • Pressure equipment means a tank, pipework or other technical unit which includes or might form overpressure, as well as the protective devices of the pressure equipment. Pressure equipment is used in industrial applications, workplaces and households. You can find more information on pressure equipment on the Tukes website.
    • A construction product is a product or a product system that becomes an integral part of a building. Examples of such products are electrically operated doors, automatic smoke extraction hatches and wood pellet stoves. More information on construction products is available on the Tukes website.