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    Appliance categories

    Gas appliances are classified into appliance categories depending on the gas types and pressures the appliances are designed for. Each gas appliance must bear appliance category marking that indicates the countries of destination where the appliance can be used without adjustments or modifications.

    Finland's country-of-destination code is FI.

    The appliance categories used in Finland are I2H, I3B/P, II2H3B/P

    • category I2H appliances use natural gas only, supply pressure 20 mbar
    • category I3B/P appliances use LPG only, supply pressure 30 mbar
    • category II2H3B/P appliances can be converted to use either natural gas (20 mbar) or LPG (30 mbar) in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

    All appliance categories and their marking methods are given in standard SFS-EN 437

    For example, a gas appliance with the data plate below is unsuitable for marketing in Finland, because the product has been type-approved using LPG at 37 mbar. Gas appliances using LPG in Finland must be type-approved at a pressure of 30 mbar.


    Image: Example of a data plate