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    Gas appliance consumables

    In Finland, consumables used in connection with gas appliances but excluded from the scope of the Gas Appliances Regulation are covered by the Government Decree on gas appliances’ consumables and operating pressures (852/2018).

    In practice, the consumables mean gas hoses and pressure regulators sold separately to consumers.


    Where a gas hose is used to connect a gas appliance to a gas cylinder or pipes, the hose must be designed for flammable gas used, and it should withstand the continuous effect of that gas.

    The gas hose must be intended for the system’s maximum working pressure. The pressure resistance of the LPG hose used for small-scale operation must be at least 15 bar, and the nominal diameter of the hose must be 10 mm. The hoses must be suitable for use at -30 °C.

    In this context, small-scale use refers to the domestic use of LPG and natural gas and the use of LPG in the operating appliances of vehicles, boats and recreational and social carriages, as well as in hand tools.

    The hose of an appliance burning natural gas must be designed for the use of natural gas and the maximum allowed working pressure in the system. You must ensure that the hose is suitable for use in cold conditions.

    The markings on the hose must indicate

    • suitability for combustible gas used
    • maximum allowed operating pressure and temperature range
    • the hose’s year of manufacture.
    Pressure regulators (LPG)

    The pressure regulators must operate safely at down to -30 °C and be suitable for use at the temperatures to which they are exposed under the operating conditions. The pressure regulator connected to the gas cylinder in a small-scale use gas appliance must not be variable.

    The pressure regulator must be permanently marked with:

    • the name or trademark of the manufacturer or importer
    • nominal kg output of LPG per hour
    • nominal pressure in millibars
    • the regulator’s year of manufacture

    User instructions must be provided with the pressure regulator.