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    User instructions for the PPE must accompany it.

    Section 1.4 of Annex II to the PPE Regulation describes what the instructions should contain.

    The instructions must include at least the following information:

    • the name and address of the manufacturer
    • instructions for storage, use, cleaning, maintenance and disinfection
    • the level or category of protection if required
    • accessories or spare parts that can be used with the PPE
    • the possible expiry date of the PPE or its part
    • explanation of markings
    • the risk against which the PPE is designed to protect.

    If the EU declaration of conformity is not supplied with the PPE, the user instructions must also include:

    • a reference to the PPE Regulation
    • the name, address and identification number of the notified body or bodies involved in the conformity assessment of the PPE
    • a reference to the relevant harmonised standards that have been applied, including the date of adoption of those standards, or a reference to other technical specifications that have been used
    • the internet address where the EU declaration of conformity can be accessed.

    Product-specific standards may also set requirements for the content of the user instructions.