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    In addition to the essential health and safety requirements, the regulation sets out requirements for the markings and user instructions for PPE.

    All PPE must always be accompanied by certain mandatory information. The mandatory information includes:

    • the manufacturer’s and/or importer’s name, registered trade name or registered trademark
    • the postal address of the manufacturer and/or importer through which the company can be contacted
    • the PPE type, lot or serial number or other element allowing its identification.

    If the size or nature of the PPE does not allow the above information to be incorporated into the PPE, the required information can be provided on the packaging or in a document accompanying the PPE.

    Products sold and marketed in Finland must have markings in Finnish and Swedish.

    CE marking

    The CE marking is marking that affirms that the PPE manufacturer or authorised representative ensures that the equipment is in compliance with all applicable requirements. Products equipped with a CE marking can move freely within the entire EU.

    The CE marking must be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly to the PPE. If this is impossible due to the nature of the PPE, e.g. its size or other characteristics, the CE marking can be affixed to the packaging and accompanying documents. The CE marking must be at least 5 mm in height, and you are not allowed to change its dimensions.

    For Category III PPE, the CE-marking must be followed by the four-digit identification number of the notified body involved in the control of uniform quality (module C2 or D).

    The CE marking can only be affixed to the product by the manufacturer or its authorised representative.

    Further information:

    CE marking on Tukes website

    Product-specific markings

    Marking requirements can also come from product-specific standards if they have been used to demonstrate compliance. Standards can set requirements for the use of harmonised identification marks or symbols related to health and safety, which are called pictograms. The pictograms must be easily understandable, visible and legible, and they must remain the same throughout the foreseeable life of the PPE. If they contain text, it must be in a language that can be easily understood by consumers and other end users, and which is determined by the member state in whose market the PPE is made available.

    If the PPE is too small for affixing the required labels or their part, the relevant information must be provided on the packaging and in the manufacturer’s instructions.