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    Briefly about PPE requirements

    PPE must comply with the requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. This means that PPE must meet the essential health and safety requirements for personal protective equipment, and all PPE must have the following attached to or provided with them:

    • EU declaration of conformity
      • must be in Finnish and Swedish
      • must be supplied with the product or available on a website, with the link to the website in the user instructions
    • User instructions in Finnish and Swedish
    • CE marking on the PPE. Category III PPE must also have the identification number of the notified body monitoring its quality.
    • Manufacturer and product identifier on the PPE.

    All PPE must also have

    • Technical documentation drawn up by the manufacturer (see Annex III of the PPE Regulation for more information).
      • Mandatory for all PPE. For categories II and III, the manufacturer draws up technical documentation for the type examination.

    The following must be provided with category II PPE:

    • EU-type examination certificate

    The following must be provided with category III PPE:

    • EU-type examination certificate
    • Certificate in accordance with module C2 or D issued by a notified body

    What to do before placing PPE in different categories on the market. The contents of the chart can be found in the text.