Topic outline



    Management’s role in quality management

    For profitable business, it is important that the management monitors the status and development of quality management in the business, such as observations related to product quality and safety, customer feedback and other development and change requirements. The status of quality management can be monitored with different indicators and other monitoring methods, which at best provide real-time information about the status of the business’s various operations. Management reviews are a key method for systematic monitoring of the following:

    • the state of quality management and its essential changes
    • the status of the measures launched based on previous reviews
    • compliance with the requirements for the products, particularly in the case of new products
    • exceptions in business operations and their corrective measures in relation to various fault situations, malfunctions or customer feedback, for example
    • resourcing and skills development needs and measures, and
    • the results of audits, evaluations or other quality management procedures.


    The management’s commitment has a significant impact on making safety and quality management a natural part of the everyday life and work culture of the business.