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    Despite careful planning and systematic practices, you may face a situation in which an exception in the production process or materials changes the product’s features, or the product otherwise no longer meets the safety requirements. Different checks and tests at different stages of the production or supply chain can prevent such a product from entering the market.

    However, if unsafe or non-compliant products are placed on the market, they may have to be withdrawn or recalled from consumers who have already purchased the product. The company can carry out these measures either independently on its own initiative, voluntarily after an authority contacts them, or ultimately, by the order of an authority. The extent of the required measures depends on the extent of the problem, and whether it is a more systematic design problem or a temporary manufacturing issue. In some situations, you may be able to specify the measures for a specific batch of products. From this perspective, the traceability information of products is important. Generally, it is possible to trace deliveries based on production lots, dates or other product details and identifiers.