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    Skills development

    It is often said that skilled personnel are the cornerstone of a business’s success and its most important asset. Recruitment therefore often focuses on education and previous work experience. However, you should remember that changes can take place quickly, and skills should be maintained regularly, so that the business’s personnel have up-to-date information and the ability to operate in a changed operating environment. Changes in the operating environment and the skills required for the business operations need to be assessed regularly. In the systematic development of skills, this assessment is reflected against the business’s existing intellectual capital, and any identified skills shortage can be fixed with training, for example. In developing competence, you should acknowledge that the requirements for products and functions also change over time, and it is essential to maintain their information so that the business operations meet all the requirements set for them. Please note that product information in relation to Tukes’ field of activity is available on the I Know My Products platform, on Tukes’ website, and in training organised by Tukes.

    When new employees start at the company, it is essential to provide comprehensive orientation to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills for their work. An orientation plan or list to support the orientation will help ensure that it is comprehensive and systematic. You should always tailor the orientation plan based on the kind of previous skills the new employee has, and the skills their work will require.