Topic outline



    Resourcing and monitoring industry requirements


    Regardless of the size of the business, resourcing is key to its smooth and flawless operation. Roles, responsibilities and powers must be clearly defined and known by the personnel. Clear resourcing can reduce the risk of situations where “someone” is thought to be dealing with the matter, but it is no one’s responsibility in reality. It is important to communicate responsibilities and roles clearly within the business with traditional organisation charts, job descriptions and descriptions of operations, for example. Resourcing and its management are particularly important when the organisation changes through employee absences, changes in responsibilities, or other structural changes, for example.


    To ensure product safety and compliance of operations, it is important that the business has considered and delegated responsibility for monitoring changes in the industry, such as legislation and the related requirements, as well as preparing for any changes. It should be noted that with development, the legislation and product requirements will also change to fit the needs and security awareness of the time.